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Parquet Promise

Parquet refers to the patterned wood surface. Nowadays with the growing consciousness of environmental friendly business practice, general crowds tends to go for laminate solution of the wood surface product. So laminate parquet consists of HPL paper compressed with the HDF (High Density Fiberboard) backing. The result is stronger surface with familiar wood sensation feeling. It is consider to be the ultimate solution of the modern sophistication.

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Why Wallpaper ?

Wallpaper is not a new product as some might believe. As old as the invention of the paper itself, and that paper being applied to the wall with painting as decorations, for that long the first wallpaper was being used in around 200 BC. Even in the olden days, where survival and convenience may not be compare to the modern world nowadays, people always drawn to aesthetic and the comfortable ambience that came follows. The prestige status of one’s taste in decorating private space which to be admired by friends and relatives, sometimes even awed by foes and adversaries alike !

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