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Parquet Promise

Parquet refers to the patterned wood surface. Nowadays with the growing consciousness of environmental friendly business practice, general crowds tends to go for laminate solution of the wood surface product. So laminate parquet consists of HPL paper compressed with the HDF (High Density Fiberboard) backing. The result is stronger surface with familiar wood sensation feeling. It is consider to be the ultimate solution of the modern sophistication.

In the growing industrialized world, the man made granite (also technically known as Granito) seems to be dominating the flooring market, due to low cost and high durability combination. But there are always different side of every surface. So what is exactly wood surface can offer that is specifically different than other surface out there ?

Wood surface offers natural insulation. In four seasons or room with air conditioning, this make a huge difference. Imagine the unpleasantness of waking up in the morning and stepping up to the cold surface. Wood surface can be the solution for that which very suitable for the general health in the long run.

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How many of us looking back to our childhood often played on the floor? I guess most of us whether we remember or not. The general impact contact of wood surface is less than stone surface which arguably provide better environment for growth of youngsters. No wonder wood surface often applied on the bed rooms of the house as well as family and activity rooms.

Normally in the stage of a theater or places that require better sound acoustic properties, wood surface might be better choice than otherwise. It help to improve the echo feedback thus resulting in much suitable for musical purpose.  

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The comfort of wood flooring remains alluring and noble throughout the time and now backed up by the improvise durability. There is no time like now to finally install that dreamy wood flooring of your taste !

By Dekorindo Mandiri

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